superflip, edma, fox

I have updated superflip edma and fox.

I got some trouble for centos, so, some of them are missing in the centos repository.

Openopt will arrive shortly.

numerical optimization framework developed by optimization department of cybernetics institute (Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences; читайте також вступ українською мовою) in collaboration with SciPy developers team

If you find any problem, don’t hesitate to contact me.

2 thoughts on “superflip, edma, fox

  1. Nice one Pascal OpenOpt looks interesting. Let me know if you want a hand, as usual.

    I was thinking about adding tonto to the gang? Seeing as it now compiles under Fedora > 6.

  2. openopt is easy, I already have a spec. I’ll push it into fedora. Well in debroglie as well because they are ignoring me in fedora…

    I am using openopt for my thesis, I made a python script to fit hysteresis loops.

    Go on for tonto, I thought it was dead ?

    Why this stupid textarea is so small… fixed 🙂