CCTBX to be released to testing repos soon……

Well my hand was forced by alterations to Olex2 so I’ve finally got around to playing with Pascal’s cctbx.spec. I’ve sorted of merged it with Cameron’s spec file so we now have a cctbx.spec which we can build cctbx for all Fedora breads. The only problem comes in that Centos is being a big baby and refusing to build. I think ironically it is at the cctbx build end not at the spec or our end. I’ve emailed the author of cctbx to find out if he can help. It is refusing to use the version of python I keep telling it to use and insisting on finding its own wrong version!

The other down side is that the rpms are ~54 MB each so just to provide support for Fedora 9, 10 and 11 would need ~324 MB. So even though I’m trying to support you Linpus users out there I guess I can not justify another 100 MB of space. Sorry.

Seeing as the rpms are so large it is going to take me a while to upload them so they won’t appear on the system straight away. They are also going straight into the testing repos NOT the main repos.

As I’m putting them into testing I’m moving tonto-chem and DrawXTL out seeing as there has been no bad reviews/comments on either. So I guess this is just an update more than anything.

PS light seems fine to me.

PPS Sorry Fedora 11 users, due to a typo in one of my scripts paths the cctbx and other testing rpm were not being uploaded to the server. This has been resolved!

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