What’s on?

I am back on business!


cctbx Up to date ? In testing
DRAWxtl Up to date ? F10, F9
edma Outdated EL5, F8, F9, F10
fox Outdated under review on fedora
jana Up to date ? EL5, F9, F10,F11
olex2 reguraly updated EL5, F8, F9, F10,F11
openopt Not packaged yet
opix In testing
platon reguraly updated EL5, F8, F9, F10,F11
python2.5 Frozen El5
superflip Up to date EL5, F8, F9, F10, F11
tonto-chem Up to date ? EL5,F9, F10,F11
flipsmall Up to date EL5,F9, F10,F11

F11 branch

The F11 branch is not complete, I am on it.


It depends how debroglie will grow. For now I don’t have any clear solution if you a new contributor wants to join. It’s a bit of a problem.

The first new thing I want to set up is a nightly build of platon.

I’ll put everything on trac. So bugreports can be filled against rpms. Spec files are already under subversion.

I am thinking about opensuse users (I receive some mails for that system) but I need the files for mock. If you are using opensuse and interesting in the rpms proposed on Debroglie, you should post a comment. If you know how to build opensuse rpms on fedora I am listening 🙂

5 thoughts on “What’s on?

  1. Good to have you back Pascal, it has been lonely here all on my own 🙁

    What is missing from Fedora 11? I have already moved over so can get on with things.

    With the Olex2 guys making CCTBX a requirement for Olex2 to run I’m going to freeze the Olex2 on Fedora 8 as is. As I was supporting it really for the Linpus people on their netbooks and the idea of putting cctbx on to them seems not very workable? Ok if you have the 120 GB version not so with the 8GB version – suspect.

  2. Platon? Do you need to overnights on platon? It has not been updated for the last two weeks and we are fully up to date. Unless you have access to a secret SVN source? Do you? You sly fox you?

  3. Just a few things missing in F11: edma and superlip

    Platon is not crazy anymore with updates everyday ? We don’t need nightly but I could use the excuse to run some tests 🙂