Coming Soon – Updates for Today

Today we will be updating for you kind and caring Linux people:


Version 250909:
– New ALERTS _314 & _908
– Minor Update (Refinement of ALERT_390 & 391)
– Nightly build from the 24/09/09 to fix compatibility with Olex2

Then when my ADSL modem has stopped smoking and cooled off I may think about a new test-build of Olex2.

Also after talking with one of the Olex2 guys they are trying to stabilise their build process. Sticking to a more formal alpha/beta release. It would appear that they have released a Olex2 1.1 TAG which I suspect is the equivalent of our 1.0.3+ TAG in the test-repo. So the next release will be in the test repo as Olex2 1.1.0 and I will look to update the release repo with a 1.1 version in due course. To accommodate the alpha, beta stable builds I think I may adopt the gstreamer naming conventions good, bad and ugly but perhaps just have ugly = alpha, bad = beta and good = stable? Feedback would be appreciated. We are also likely to drop the svnTAG off the “good” release as well and no doubt require epoch increments to do so. Sorry!

One thought on “Coming Soon – Updates for Today

  1. It looks like they finally have some numbering…

    But, as they don’t plan future releases, you can’t use pre-release tag. Only post-release. So I am not sure you are going to know when to use alpha, beta…

    stable : %{version}%{release}%{dist} (1.1-1)
    testing : %{version}%{release}.svnXXX%{dist} (1.1-1.svnXXX)

    With this numbering, the trick is to always increase %{release} with a svn change.

    Before publishing anything, you can play with rpmdev-vercmp to see what is newer and what is not…

    Send me an email when you have the new spec for cctbx. I can build and upload some of them