Crystals (command line version) is now available on debroglie-test from version 9 to 12 both i386 and x86_64. The compilation is now made with gfortran instead of g77. Crystals version has been updated from the old version to a brand new shiny cvs version based on 12.87.

I still have some troubles with centos.

The gui version will be next update, probably within a couple of weeks.

To install this version you need to enable debroglie-test: yum --enablerepo=debroglie-test install crystals-cmd

4 thoughts on “Crystals

  1. Where are you little bug…

    \list 12
    0001 #list 12
    > block x’s
    0002 block x’s
    > end
    0003 end
    \print 12
    0004 #print 12
    > end
    0005 end

  2. After some digging in the archelogy fortran, the (I)STORE queue looks fine. More investigations needed…

    Thanks to David Watkin for his help.