MolIso has been (is being) added to the testing-repo. For all distributions. Here is the blurb:
Moliso is a program to generate color mapped transparent 3D iso-surfaces from experimental XD grid and gaussian cube files.

* Correct transparency mode
* Isosurfaces with adjustable colour gradient.
* Atomic displacement ellipsoids (ADP’s) with xd.res-/xd.mas- or *cif-files.
* Line, point and filling mode.
* Easy to control via menu, mouse, keyboard and ini-file
* Easy to create screenshots(*.ppm)
* Easy to create rotating videos (*.avi) in various codecs (vfw)(Windows Version only).
* Experimental resolution independet *.PDF file export.
* XD grid files and gaussian cube files can be used.
* Constrainable colour gradient.
* Sphere maping for pseudo reflection.
* Windows and LINUX-versions are avaiable.
Hübschle C.B. and Luger P. ,J. Appl. Cryst. (2006). 39, 901-904

Next planned release will have some examples bundled too. Let me know how it runs using the trac and comment system.

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