Behind the Times

Ok, Pascal is going to shout at me and that is ok. I’ve not been posting my updates to the repo so things are not really up 2 date here. Sorry.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve posted:

  • Two new CCTBX to the testing repo;
  • A new Platon release;
  • A new package Moliso to the testing repo + two updates for it;
  • A chemistry fonts rpm to the testing repo and an update for it; and
  • A fixed rpy1 release to the FC11 testing repo
  • With that in mind I’ve had no feedback good or bad in that respect.

    In the pipeline with the latest Beta release of Olex2 will be a new set of RPMs to follow the Alpha, Beta, Stable model they are using. We will have the good, the bad and the ugly or the bad and the ugly and the normal if you want. This means that all three versions can be installed at the same time for testing but the alpha and beta will live solely in the test-repo only the stable will exist in the release repo. Hopefully that will work?

    2 thoughts on “Behind the Times

    1. Your as bad as me looking at your site whilst on holiday. Bad Pascal, bad, bad Pascal.

      Enjoy your last day.