A raft of updates

I thought, I know I’ll update CCTBX, Tonto-chem, Olex2 and Olex2-GUI rpms for the testing repo. I can do that in a few hours and upload the lot before I leave to catch the train.
This is true I could but thanks to me not noticing that Olex2 was pulling an incomplete SVN image or more precisely one which did not compile compared to the one I was testing Olex2 get bouncing out of my building scripts with a big fat failure.

So now the clock is ticking the race is on the time is right! The fruit is ripe for the picking and other similar sayings – I have less than 30 mins to build Olex2 and upload all the rest to the testing repo and Olex2 has just crapped out again for Fedora 8.
Good news is that it has reached Epel 5 for the rest so fingers crossed.

Assuming I get it done then I will:

  • Remove the fonts-chemistry (as this does not comply to Fedora package law, all bow and kneel before the mighty Fedora :-))
  • Update CCTBX to latest not released version (09/12/2009)
  • Update Tonto-chem
  • Update Olex2 to (10/12/2009 svn snapshot)
  • Update Olex2 GUI
  • Catch my train!
  • Fingers crossed everybody!
    Update just discovered that during all this my yum update has removed my Fedora 9 mock entries! So Fedora 9 people I guess your EOL already? You may not have any of the updates above?

    2 thoughts on “A raft of updates

    1. Putting fonts there is fine but if you have multiple accounts then your better off putting them centrally. I do have multiple accounts so the central route is what I use. Why? Not telling you nor anyone else it is my secret so there. Nope I’m not telling!