Platon, CCTBX, Olex2, Olex2-GUI

New rpms for CCTBX, Olex2 and Olex2-GUI have been uploaded to the testing repo (only takes 7 hours to do this) only to find that the CCTBX had a bug so yet another CCTBX was uploaded yesterday (6 hours) to resolve it.

All Centos 5 build was using the Epel 5 extras python 2.6 environment (Centos 6 via native 2.7).

The new CCTBX and Olex2 binaries bring us pretty close to the official 1.1.4 release which is imminent but for the GUI. The GUI is proving to be contentious so I am planning on changing how the GUI rpm is created and how it updates the user space (wish me luck on this). As it stands Olex2 will work but the native refinement package in the 1.1.4 bins and CCTBX is too advanced for the GUI (go figure) it is a rather big mess!

On the bright side there is a new version of Platon in the release area.

(and yes I have been very rubbish at posting news updates here – mainly because I do not want to move Pascal’s lovely posts down the list – how nice are they?)

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