Update Olex2 and Olex2-GUI

After a recent test of Olex2-GUI rpm it became clear that the update mechanism I had used was not working correctly causing new installs to appear broken. This was exacerbated by a path typo in the Olex2 startup script installed from the Olex2-binaries.

I have now fixed both issues and moved the usettings.dat file to the GUI.

The current olex2-gui is pulled from the branch/1.1 svn and updated from a working version. It also includes all of the script codes which with the appropriate entries in the usettings.dat and modification of etc/scripts/customScripts.py to read:
#import example
import batch_overlay
import OlexSir
import OlexPlaton
import OlexMail
import OlexCheckCIF
import OlexCDS

(This will be made default in the next update).
Will activate these following commands:

This update however does break the sync between olex2 and the repo we are neither a tag nor their beta or alpha release. Because of this I have disabled the internal olex2 userspace update mechanism updates will come via the GUI.rpm for now until they catch up with us.

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