Repository resurrected

The building tool chain broke a long time ago on my webserver and I never managed to fix it. Since then the repository died. Given the really low use of it it did not had much effect.

But it is going to come back! Differently. I will only keep a proper repository for platon where automatic builds are made to keep with the very frequent updates. The web interface to browse the repository is up and running, only the configuration package is missing. Also, only centos will be supported as Fedora releases are much more frequent. It is easy enough to recompile any rpm from the srpm. The new address for the repository is

Concerning the other rpms I have, I will publish them as is later and will not be part of a proper repository. If you are looking for a rpm that was hosted here and you cannot find it, drop me an email. If you a want build for a fedora/centos version that is not available, also drop me an email, I might be able to build it for you.

All the specs files are still available here. There are probably outdated by now but should provide a good start.

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