Aug 21

Sleef library – benchmark

The Sleef library is an optimised library for the calculation of mathematical functions: the trigonometric functions(sin, cos, tan, sincos), inverse trigonometric functions(asin, acos, atan, atan2), exponential and logarithmic functions(exp, log, pow, exp2, exp10, expm1, log10, log1p), hyperbolic/inverse hyperbolic functions(sinh, cosh, … Continue reading

Jan 20


Vectorization is a nice concept in optimisation. It allows simulaneous calculations using special units in the processor. It is working only on special cases. I tried to apply to structure factors calculations. Fortran does not allow you to write vector … Continue reading

Jan 04

Platon nightly bug

A bug happened on the last December release of platon-nightly which was dated from 2012 instead of 2011. I forced the update (I increase the epoch tag) for the January release so that it will updated as usual.