Sep 17


Those of you who used RPy in there code would perhaps have been slightly stunned when moving to Fedora 11 by the presence of only RPy2. Whilst RPy2 is the natural progression to the R – Python interface there is … Continue reading

Jul 09

Fedora 11 & Olex2

I’ve populated Fedora 11 with most of the applicable rpms. Those that are missing (EDMA, obj-cryst-fox, etc) will be done sometime next week. I’ve now merged the Olex2 spec (sort of) so that the new release 1.0 is now correctly … Continue reading

Jun 18

Olex2 Centos

An rpm for i386 Centos 5 has been uploaded using the old Olex2 release and version information. This is to address an issue FH was having. The .debroglie has been dropped off the rpm in-line with fedora, centos, and rpmfusion … Continue reading