Oct 11

No Olex2 for Centos

Unfortunately Olex2 requires python2.5 to build and centos doesn’t currently support that version of python. Don’t worry a fix is in hand but it is going to delay things. Sorry, again.

Sep 29


New version of platon online for all platforms. Crystals is going under heavy development these days, it has been ported from wxGTK 2.4 to wxGTK 2.8. I am working on the packaging. The cctbx and ccp4 suite are difficult to … Continue reading

Jun 12

Platon update

Platon has been updated to the 10th of june 2008 version. Rpms are available through yum or you can download them manually (check on the menu on the right).

Apr 29

Repo under tests

The repository is slowly filled with platon, superflip, EDMA and crystals for fedora 8,9 and centos for both architecture. The repository will be officially opened soon. Next plan to the future: Make a rpm for the cctbx toolbox, this a … Continue reading