Nov 18


MolIso has been (is being) added to the testing-repo. For all distributions. Here is the blurb: Moliso is a program to generate color mapped transparent 3D iso-surfaces from experimental XD grid and gaussian cube files. Features * Correct transparency mode … Continue reading

Oct 25

Blog frequentation

There is an astonishing progression on the number of visitors. For this month, at the current trend, will nearly receive 700 visitors. Next month, above 1200 visitors. I hope it will not continue this way, exponential increase is never … Continue reading

Sep 29


I calculated some statistics on the usage of the repository. It’s from june 2009 to august 2009. Before then I was not keeping logs… The winner is platon 58 downloads followed by olex2 (47-52 downloads). Amazingly crystals-cmd is used??? I … Continue reading