Nov 20

Platon Update

This update brings debroglie in line with the recent spell of platon updates carried out with Ton. Enjoy PS No Fedora 10 builds were updated this time, they will be done towards the end of next week (hopefully).

Nov 16


wxgtk 2.4 no longer compile on fedora 10. Modification have been made in crystals to compile with gfortran and wxgtk 2.8. Unfortunately I can’t make it work for now. Crystals will be dropped of fedora 10 until I make it … Continue reading

Nov 05

Look over there

I’d figured you’d be tired of hearing about Platon updates and version numbers by now so I thought I would distract you whilst a whisper that another version of Platon has been released and the debrog rpms updated appropriately.

Nov 04

Platon Version Issues

You may have noticed that your debroglie RPM is version 081103 whilst the platon software internal version is 311008. Unfortunately although Ton updated the source code on the 031108 (hence our version number) he didn’t update his version. What’s more … Continue reading

Oct 25

Olex2 Updated

Olex2 has been updated for all distros. This brings the rpm up to date with the svn as of today. Includes a fix for movie generation usin report. For quick links to the rpms see below. Or use yum.