Oct 18

Saturday Olex2 Updates

Updated Olex2 testing repo with version 20081018svn of Olex2. This corresponds to svn image 217. Lots of svn updates, not certain what if any of them do for the Linux user. Enjoy

Oct 14


Jana 2000 is available in the branch test of the repo. Here is some information until I write a static page about it: Jana2000 is a crys­tal­lo­graph­ic pro­gram fo­cused to so­lu­tion, re­fine­ment and in­ter­pre­ta­tion of dif­fi­cult, es­pe­cial­ly mod­u­lat­ed struc­tures. It … Continue reading

Oct 11

No Olex2 for Centos

Unfortunately Olex2 requires python2.5 to build and centos doesn’t currently support that version of python. Don’t worry a fix is in hand but it is going to delay things. Sorry, again.

Oct 05

Olex2 Updated

Olex2 RPM has been updated to svn version 178. From next week snapshots of the svn for fedora9 and centos will be available and updated weekly.