Feb 21


Transformers is a python script which can apply symmetry operations or linear maps on crystallographic parameters (coordinates, ADPs, eigenvalues and their esds). It uses the full variance/covariance matrix so the standard uncertainties is correctly calculated. The calculation is exact, meaning … Continue reading

Nov 09

Fedora 14

Fedora 14 is out! Get Fedora The repisotory for fedora 14 is open. I just put the following packages: 2010-11-09: objcryst-fox- 2010-11-09: objcryst-fox-debuginfo- 2010-11-09: debroglie-release-14-1.fc14 2010-11-09: newmat-11-2.fc14 2010-11-09: newmat-debuginfo-11-2.fc14 2010-11-09: newmat-devel-11-2.fc14 2010-11-09: flipsmall-20090610-2.fc14 2010-11-09: EDMA-20090927-2.fc14 2010-11-09: platon-101108-1.fc14 2010-11-08: superflip-20100920-1.fc14 2010-11-08: … Continue reading