Jul 09

Fedora 11 & Olex2

I’ve populated Fedora 11 with most of the applicable rpms. Those that are missing (EDMA, obj-cryst-fox, etc) will be done sometime next week. I’ve now merged the Olex2 spec (sort of) so that the new release 1.0 is now correctly … Continue reading

Jun 18

Olex2 Centos

An rpm for i386 Centos 5 has been uploaded using the old Olex2 release and version information. This is to address an issue FH was having. The .debroglie has been dropped off the rpm in-line with fedora, centos, and rpmfusion … Continue reading

May 23

Olex2 Version 1.0 bis

I updated olex2 for fedora 9 and 10. Centos will have to wait. I need to tweak the spec in order to use python2.5-config instead of python-config. You’ll see that the files have .debroglie.debroglie in their name, it’s not normal … Continue reading